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5 Day Healing Renewals

A transformational 5 days to help you heal your body, connect to your heart and tune in to infinite mind !
Our Healing Renewal program is fully catered and accommodated.

Our Food

At Heartland we create delicious gluten-free meals. We also offer dairy-free alternatives to our normal fine vegetarian/dairy cuisine – so everyone can enjoy fine food the way they like it!


When the Love within speaks …
This is what other participants have written about our programs.

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Welcome to Heartland.

We’re a unique, spiritual, healing and relaxing retreat that helps you find the Power Within!

Our team of experienced facilitators help you renew your zest for life, refocus on the things that really matter to you, and re-discover the power, the creativity and the beauty you have inside.

A recent guest shared a story with us today…. That she is able to share her experience of Heartland with everyone that she knows because we embrace people from all walks of life.
You don’t have to be a yoga devotee, or a follower of any religious doctrine. As long as you want to get in touch with your own heart, to heal or renew yourself in your personal way, then Heartland is for you.

Now, you can enjoy a Health Retreat that’s also a Self-Empowerment Retreat and a Spiritual Healing Retreat. You’ll benefit from the advantages of three retreats in one! We’re the Health Retreat with significant added benefits.

Here at Heartland we come from our hearts and express them as honestly as we can.

Here are some comments we received at the end of a May 2017 retreat …

“Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! I came so defeated, tired, depressed, disconnected. I am leaving a winner: alive, happy, at peace, feeling I know who I am and connected in love.”

“I was made to feel secure and safe.”

“This was a week of bliss and self understanding .I loved everything about it!”

“A thoroughly enjoyable experience. I felt safe to release and heal emotions.”

“You do a fantastic job and you have definitely touched and changed my heart, thankyou!”

“It was run beautifully! Thankyou so much for all the support, effort and knowledge shared.”

“A beautiful, peaceful and insightful place with a perfect balance of activities.”

“Heartland has helped me find my true spirituality through Nature – many thanks!!”

We believe that nothing matters more than love. That love is the highest truth. And that Love is the best and most effective way to move forward and make our lives rich celebrations of life.

We welcome you to Heartland!

This 80 acre wildlife sanctuary offers relaxing and revitalizing 5-Day getaways from an
extraordinarily low $995 (until 30th June 2018)



Enjoy our large Salt-water Pool!

Our 5 Day Healing Renewals are half their real value at just $995!

And our residential 5-Day Healing Renewal programs are an incredible $995
(fully inclusive!) (until 30th June 2018).

These aren’t prices you’d expect from a normal retreat – but Heartland isn’t normal. It’s more like an eastern spiritual ashram –with western material conveniences.

People from doctors and psychologists to miners and farmers, teachers, nurses and shop assistants both young and old (and from every state of Australia and New Zealand as well as South Africa, the US – even Bermuda, Tahiti, UK, Saudi Arabia and Norway!) enjoy the casual, laid-back transformative ambience of Heartland!

Jenny came in November 2016 …

A massive thanks to both of you for one of the most fantastic five days of my life. The feeling of safety and security was amazing.
Apart from overnight, I never once closed or locked my door. In fact, not one of us, from cottage one, removed the keys from our doors. So lovely to be able to have such trust whereas at home one has to keep our doors locked at all times even when we are at home.
Trudi, I just loved your beautiful presence and your georgeous smile. You have an aura about you that is so gentle and serene. You are a true angel. Your art lesson was fantastic. Not sure I will ever be a Monet but I had a lot of fun and your instruction is so simple that it makes painting so much more enjoyable. I am happy, too, that my husband loves the painting of the guinea fowl as much as I do. Thanks, Trudi.
Once again, Les and Trudi, a big, big THANKYOU.
Much Love


Julie came in March 2017…..

I just wanted to say thank you again for your generosity of spirit and sharing your wisdom. Though you make it look effortless, I’m sure you spend many hours giving consideration and preparation that is specific to each group and each individual who crosses your path……….. the five days went so quickly. Now back……. and trying to keep balance and perspective, your ideas feel like tools to assist.
Thank you again, and please thank your lovely staff for all they do. A truly thoughtful experience.
Love to all at Heartland

Frances has been many times before. This March 2017 she wrote …

THANKYOU enormously les for yet another shared time and space of beauty, love, light, laughter & growth..your strength, patience, guidance and abundant love is always so nourishing and appreciated .. You are a gift!
THANKYOU Trudi for the precious gift of both mine and Hannah’s divine art work that now hang in their new homes, surrounded by great gratitude & love.

Video – Many of our programs include free visits to feed the dolphins.

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And when we say pampered we mean pampered with private zen-styled fully prepared rooms (air-conditioned), fine vegetarian cuisine, yoga, tai chi and the opportunity to indulge in optional extras such as kahuna, remedial, deep tissue or relaxing massage or a spiritual counseling/healing session*. (* Massages are optional 5-Day program extras).

Heartland’s kitchen regime is based around some seventy designer-salad and healthy food dishes, many organic in season. There’s also a huge range of over 45 beverages from a huge range of teas right through to percolated coffees.

You’ll also be pampered with wonderful meditations, inspiring talks, empowering self-healing workshops and the chance to connect to the Power Within. Naturally, guests may choose to attend these talks – or spend their time relaxing in other ways. There is no requirement to attend any activity whatsoever.

Lisa came in April 2017 (like many guests) from New Zealand……Kia Ora all!

It was a honour to spend those five days with each and everyone of you.

I learnt so much about myself over those five days and love the gentle and loving environment that Heartland provides.

Les what a beautiful soul you are. Thank you for your words and for your explanations. I found that really helpful. I have ordered my “homework” …..and will keep in touch.

Trudi….i didn’t get to spend much time with you. But that art class was a highlight for me. It was so much fun. Thank you for giving me the space i needed and for letting me choose the room “courage”.

Aroha Nui (big love ) to you all.

The founders are Trudi Dyer, an artist of extraordinary passion and creative light that has brightened and illumined the lives of countless guests over many years. (Trudi sells well over 25 art pieces every year – so popular is her work) and  Les Dyer, an internationally recognized spiritual Teacher, Healer and Author who has been at the forefront of the Australian spiritual movement for over forty years. He has facilitated over one thousand retreats and spiritual workshops across Australia alone.

You can also indulge in a creative art class, express your inner child or enjoy the fun of visual expression. Heartland offers creative classes, believing that self-expression is one of our most effective healing processes.

There’s a 4,500 book library to browse, full of spiritual, healing and self-empowerment volumes and there’s even an organic macadamia orchard and a horse and donkey sanctuary at the Retreat, too.

Many of our programs include free visits to feed
the dolphins.

The 2 dolphins (Mystique & Harmony)

In April 2017, some of the guests at one of our groups on the last day wrote …

“I was worried I would find conflict with my Christian beliefs – but I found harmony and respectfulness.”

“I liked that Les explained things…and their meanings.”

“The schedule was beautifully paced.”

“I loved the lack of regimentation, easy schedule and attitude…..we didn’t need to attend everything.”

“The food was fantastic and delicious!”

“Absolutely loved the food – thankyou!”

“The beautiful feel of Heartland, the mix of activities…..it was all just right!”

Amex, Mastercard and Visa credit cards are always welcome.

Just 2 hours north of Brisbane, Heartland offers airport/rail/coach pickups to ensure a stress-free break.
Our sabotage-busting workshops, spiritual healing programs, meditation techniques, metaphysical programs and creative workshops all make Heartland something very special.

Video inside our Temple at Heartland Retreat

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Anne-Marie came from Dubai and later wrote …

Thank you so much for the group photo! Indeed, we had a very special time ! When I am thinking of the difference of our faces when we arrived and the smiles when we left, I really see that quite a lot of things have changed within our stay with you all!

Nearly every day (maybe every day!) I am thinking of one (or other of) the moments we shared; it could be just walking through the kitchen and saying hello to the cook and congratulate them for the excellent food…… or be concentrated listening to Les sharing his life experiences…… or being deeply connected to our inner self in meditation….. or painting…….or practising Tai-Chi…… or sharing the meals etc… ( I could enumerate every moment!!! but it would take too long!)

So THANK YOU both of you for everything!

For more recent testimonials please
visit our Testimonials page.

Are you seeking to find a sense of inner peace and wholeness? Would you like to heal your body, mind or emotions? Would you like to discover your inner child or inner artist?

Heartland offers you the peace and ambience we all desire today to discover our true Self. Here, you will be able to :-

  • Heal your body, thoughts and emotions,
  • Remove any sense of sluggishness
  • Refresh yourself
  • center your being on the Divine within,
  • re-focus on your inner life,
  • refine your purpose,
  • replenish your spirit,
  • deepen your awareness and
  • find peace and wholeness
  • We offer you a place where you may find love, healing, real acceptance and spiritual wisdom.

We are all spiritual beings having a physical existence. We simply need to connect to the Power within and live it. That may be easy to say, but for most of us to live in a state of higher awareness is not possible all the time. We have moments of being awake and moments when we are almost asleep and simply reacting as we always have…. not consciously aware that at this moment we could make a new choice, we could express our higher selves.

We welcome you to share in our vision of celebrating life and making this world a better place for all to share!

With Love & Blessings,

Les Dyer & The Heartland Team

Janine, who has also been before, came again in January 2017 …

My third visit to Heartland Retreat was everything I wished and prayed for and more.

As always there are beautiful surrounds, clean and lovely rooms and swimming pool, so many thoughtful touches such as flowers everywhere, good quality shampoo and conditioner and all the teas and coffees, wonderful healthy food, like minded guests, creative and soul filling activities as well as much laughter and fun… all included.

I sure needed some healing and a good dose of Les’s wise strategies to put in place and to move forward from a great sadness where I have been sabotaging myself for too long.

The five day Healing Retreat was a journey to light and I am humbled to have made it with 15 other beautiful people.

I’ve come home and made a start already!

My heart, my mind and my spirit have all been restored.


Video Welcome to Heartland Retreat …

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Video Having a Look Around Heartland Retreat …

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Misty Morning at Heartland

The View On Top Of The Mountain