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Monday 19th to Friday 23rd July
Monday 16th to Friday 20th August 
Monday 13th to Friday 17th September



Maybe you or a relative or friend needs peace, serenity, healing or maybe just a fresh new perspective for the coming year…..

R econnection to Source
E nergy Healing
S piritual Deepening
E mpowered Living
T ransformational Relationships

The retreat will be based on:

  • Focussing on what’s important
  • Leaving problems behind
  • Ditching the Reactor for the Actor
  • Seeing the Good
  • Making everyday a Good Day
  • Being Peace and Peaceful
  • Listening to the Silent Voice We Hear Within
  • Real Gratitude, Less Platitudes
  • More Happiness, Less Loneliness
  • More Health, more wealth
  • Creating Magic from the Mystery

Above all, these retreats will emphasise Peace, Serenity & Healing

  • Professional massage available….
  • Sauna and saltwater pool included
  • Yoga…….. more included
  • Art and creativity…..more included!
  • Visioning, Meditation &
  • Mindfulness techniques included
  • Private consults still available.
  • Everyone still enjoys their own private fully prepared room.
  • Special price of just $995 still available due to Covid.
  • Credit cards welcome.
  • Just $200 deposit, no more to pay until you arrive.

I’ll help each guest personally (& sing you a wake-up song!),

Trudi will play the crystal bowls and Elvie and Babita will create the most divine dishes (special diets catered for).

Heartland will continue to offer you its heart and its spirit, its love and its peace, its compassion and its healing energy.

Bookings strictly limited to ensure health and safety.

Numbers will be capped at around 12 guests per retreat.

Please share with your friends…..maybe come with them?

Still just $995 with just $200 deposit and no more to pay until you arrive.
All credit cards welcome.

Enquiries, bookings to:
Les ( or call 07 54 816 777 anytime…..

Monday 13th to Friday 17th June
Monday 4th to Friday 8th July


Come for the Love and Care; release the negative; embrace the Power Within; and take home the Peace and the Healing

I will run the retreat as usual and also offer my private on-going consults.

Trudi will offer creativity.

Massage therapists will be available to offer …aaaahhhh……

Most important and vital news: Elvy and Babita will run the kitchen! 

And Jenny will offer Yoga.

Cost for this program is still just $995.

Credit cards welcome. Just $200 deposit to reserve your room.
No more to pay until you arrive.

Bookings are naturally limited so please book early if coming!

Please tell your friends, too.


Bountiful blessings and much love,


Saturday 10th to Sunday 11th July

Repairing The Net of Time

A Very Special Epigenetic Healing Weekend

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes act irrationally and against your own better judgement?

Would you like to see a positive change for you and your family and undertake healing within your soul group?

Many issues that affect us have nothing to do directly with us, rather they originate with other members of the family – both living & in spirit.

We inherit their unresolved issues – often for life – at least until now!!

In this absolutely ‘must be experienced’ extraordinary hands-on group workshop, you will experience deep spiritual resolution of issues.

This amazing metaphysical channelled healing technique, pioneered by Les Dyer three decades ago and now spreading across the world, allows us to repair and resolve the dysfunction and self-limiting programming given us (usually subconsciously) by older, often deceased family members.

You help yourself, your siblings & most definitely future generations – because of your intention to heal, & the group’s intention to support that healing – with love.

True happiness is resolving the past – it is the resolution of things finished which were unfinished.

Come and experience this most beautiful and joyous energy shift to help heal dysfunctional family soul energy.

You & your family will probably never be the same again!

Saturday and Sunday 10th/11th July.

Just $350 (credit cards welcome) including

  • Private fully prepared room
  • Great meals (special diets catered for)
  • Full workshop
  • The peace and tranquillity of Heartland’s 80 acres and sacred Space.
  • Mindfulness, Chant and Meditation techniques
  • Rich, spiritual friendships

Bookings and more info: OR 0414 524 601

Charlene has visited several times. She recently wrote…

It seemed as if five days was not going to be enough, this time, to unwind, regroup, and reconnect. After all, it was already Wednesday, and while I had enjoyed some great experiences, the reconnection to the Divine and my Higher Self seemed just out of reach, and my ego was firmly in control. But, just like that, with all the pain in my back, minimal sleep Wednesday night, waking up crabby and in pain, the old Heartland magic started to happen. I can’t pinpoint a time or an event, but my heart opened, I felt at peace, surrendered, and I was love once again. Magically, all that had gone before was reframed in the Heartland prism, and I have been picked up, dusted off, and set back on the right path again. The misty rain over the hills; the birds feeding; the beautiful donkeys; and of course, the Divine Will; all an integral part of the Heartland Experience – the caring people, wonderful experiences lined up, one after the other, for us to enjoy, without having to do anything to make it happen. Somehow, while being kept busy throughout the day, my connection with myself just happens (without having to sit in silence, contemplating my navel) while connecting with others. I meet myself as I meet the other beautiful souls in our group. I love Heartland!

Even as I feel sadness leaving at the end of the retreat; part of me wants to cry as I drive away; I can’t because I’m so happy! I feel such hope and excitement to return to my everyday life carrying the experiences from here: the Real World.

The dolphins of Tin Can Bay should also be on the payroll; dear Mystique rolled in to share his wise spirit with us, and the tranquil waters were as beautiful as ever. The tame cormorants were glad to see us. Wonderful that ‘wild ‘ birds mill around our ankles, moving only when the much-desired fish meal is thrown out for them.
Time flies at Artland; creativity knows no bounds and while our conscious minds grapple with paintbrushes and sculpting tools, our subconscious selves are finding inner truths and talents we didn’t know we had. Everyone takes away new insights and self-awareness (found while we were unaware) and some pretty fine artworks as well!

I leave full of resolve to keep my creativity going, even bringing an unfinished work with me to complete. Full of resolve to continue the healthy vegetarian diet, and leave behind the unhealthy habits of my previous existence forever. Full of resolve to spend some time each day in silence, continue meditating, chanting and visualising, maybe even take up Tai Chi. Probably won’t happen, but at least the conscious thought is there right now.
And somewhere, sometime in the everyday world, the truths learned in the Real World will trickle through, and I’ll find myself acting with intent, serenity and compassion, being the Love which Spirit intended me to be.

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Read what one guest has lovingly reported about us …

“Dear Les,

Thanks for reminding me of the simplicity of living life, where joy, love and peace naturally arise from inside me.

After experiencing 16 years of a confusing and numbing ‘roller coaster’ of severe depression, manic highs and lows, suicidal thoughts, alcohol binding and other addictions, since completing your “Self Sabotage’ workshop I have not looked back.

The deeply healing, simple, and profound changes in me since the course approx 4 months ago – that are beyond my brain’s understanding – has cleared a path for my spirit and song to come forward.

From a practical point of view; I have lost 9kg in weight, I enjoy eating fresh healthy foods, have started walking 20 minutes a day this week, my re-relationship with my father, mother is respectful and loving, I am building a community of friends that are glowing with heart felt love and appreciation, I could go on and on…the funny thing is that I have not changed, I am still the same person (in essence), the only thing that I have done is taken off the clothes (illusion) that no longer suited me.

In fact, life is an awesome magical experience. Being alive rocks!!!

Thanks Les for opening your home and providing me with the tools.”

Love Cass