Who's Who at Heartland

Les Dyer, Retreat Director
Hi, I am a Retreat Director, Spiritual Author and Teacher, Spiritual Healer and Counsellor. I’ve been a Healer and a Clairvoyant for around 40 years. Since the early 80’s I have facilitated over 1,000 self-empowerment seminars, retreats and major workshops utilising psychotherapy, gestalt and other transformative techniques alongside Spiritual, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and Zen processes as tools for inner unfoldment.

I’ve written nine books on meditation, self-realisation and healing (and have another three on the way!). I just love helping people to find their path, heal their lives, reconnect with the power within – and make their life “zing” with enthusiasm again! You can read my fortnightly newsletter (regularly read by people living in some thirty different countries!) at www.inspirationalweekly.com

In my business life I have directed, managed, and launched numerous small and large businesses ranging from charity, to advertising and marketing to fast food.
I have lectured in Marketing and Financial Management at the University of New England and have assisted over 100 major companies to improve their bottom line.
Today, I provide real life mentoring for executives, ministers, psychologists, doctors, and individuals from all walks of life who are dedicated to achieving true success and happiness as a human being.

Trudi Dyer, Creative/Arts Director/Resident Artist

“Hi! Let me tell you a little about me. I grew up in an emotionally super-charged, dysfunctional family with a suicidal, highly depressed mother who would often spend all day/night in bed crying or arguing with my father. It was an unhappy home. When I was 15, my older brother committed suicide which propelled me into drug & alcohol abuse for many years. It was my way of coping in a world of pain & grief. My parents had shown me (actions speak louder than words!), to use alcohol to cope with life.

That was the foundation of my childhood & like many of you who are seeking and searching for answers to this life, your foundation was as shaky as mine. I eventually found my peace & solace in art & music (and the ocean – my first love!) Even tho I find public speaking challenging, I love to teach art and share this love with others! Art and music + the ocean are the things that have helped me to heal and continue to do so.

Each day is a journey of better understanding myself, my triggers and how I can express loving kindness when I am also learning to find my courage to speak my own truth, even if it upsets others! Like many of you, I am still learning and growing. I don’t propose that I know it all! I am simply on my own journey. I am enjoying being in my 50’s. I feel I understand myself so much better and I am happy to be me!

Perhaps our journeys will meet one day. If you come to Heartland, I hope you find the courage to try something new and come up to Artland to spend time connecting to your creative nature (yes, you do have one!) For us introverts, this is a huge step! Thank you for reading a little about me. Blessings & peace, Trudi” 

Darren, our Tai Chi instructor

Darren has been studying this art for over 10 years & is an Accredited level 2 Instructor in Dr Paul Lam’s Tai Chi For Health Program under instruction from master trainers Elva & Denis Arthy at Redlands Tai Chi School in Brisbane.

Tai Chi for Arthritis – Qigong breathing Exercises – First Aid & CPR Certified

The best movements from Yang, Chen and Wu styles were taken to form SUN style tai chi with a higher stance and flowing movements, cater for people of all ages, with many medical conditions and is gentle but effective. Helps with memory through focus, balance through co-ordination and also oxygenates the blood. Tai Chi has a long history in the east some say it’s the secret to longevity, Tai Chi is a lifestyle.

Susie Kirkpatrick-Laird, Yoga Teacher.

Yoga has been a part of my life for over ten years and has helped me through many challenging times. The power of Yoga has helped me overcome and heal significant sporting injures, serious health conditions and the tragic loss of my husband from cancer.

These events in my life, along with my passion to care for body, mind and soul as a whole have redirected my working career from the business sector to one in the health arena. I teach Pilates and Yoga, sharing my insights of Yoga to help others take care of their bodies and to create space for them to discover their own inner healing power and strength to cultivate a greater sense of peace, calm and clarity.

Yoga has been a gift to me and I look forward to sharing this gift with you.

Ali Conroy-Doust is our Welcomer and Guest Facilitator.

Ali has been associated with Heartland for several years now. We are delighted to have her on our Team! She’ll make you feel extra special when you arrive and answer all your questions about your stay.

Ali knows Heartland from both sides of the fence and you’ll find her an indispensable font of know-how and gentle wisdom!

Our beloved Will passed away in November 2012. We no longer have a special 4 legged friend in charge of “meet & greet” at Heartland. Sadly, no-one can fill his big-black-paws.

Pasha the Powerful Powderpuff !!

The sculpture of Will that Trudi created sits proudly at the front entrance so our guests can at least know he’s always here in spirit!

(Trudi and Will with his look-alike sculpture a few weeks before he passed)

Heartland’s Healing Horse Oliver – Arriving here just 3 weeks before Will passed away. Oliver has helped heal some of the grief we have all felt with the loss of Will. We are blessed to have “Ollie” as our newest member of the Healing Team – a new 4 legged friend (and a big one at that!) He’s a beautiful thoroughbred horse that we were lucky enough to be chosen to take care of. His role here is being the loving presence that he is! There is really nothing more he has to do.

Phil was once a racehorse (although the couple of times he raced… he came last…) but after a leg injury his racing career was over. So, he came to us in November 2012 so Ollie had some horsey-company. Phil is so quiet and docile & loves a good scratch around his head! Phil used to be the lowest on the “pecking order” before he came to Heartland, but now he’s gone up in the world and is “2ic” to Ollie – ahead of the donkeys and cows!! He’s in horsey-heaven!

WWOOFAS – That’s “Willing Workers On Organic Farms”!
From time to time, we have the most wonderful wwoofas who come and stay with us & help with the many jobs around Heartland.
They help out in a variety of ways depending on how long they stay with us. Heartland is very appreciative of the helpers we attract.
If you are looking to volunteer here, join the wwoofas organisation & then let us know.
We would love to have you!

Wildlife – Heartland is the home of the Red-Necked wallaby.
We see them in the early morning and early evening.
They are shy of people – but are getting more used to us and at times we can get quite close to them.

Yoshoda, Pastures Maintenance Team

Yoshoda is the white & grey donkey and her offspring Mani was born at Easter 2009.

Patty is the oldest donkey & Aggie is the most timid.

The donkeys have a very important role here at Heartland, as they are the ones who eat the grass! They’re always happy to oblige you if you are holding a carrot or a banana and always love that little extra bit of attention (don’t we all!).

Our donkeys are a constant reminder that love heals all (Aggie has recently healed from a serious eye cancer through the loving attention of many of the guests!)

Let us find peace and delight in it!
Let us find tranquility and keep it!
Let us find patience and own it!
Let us find empathy and share it!
Let us find honour and commit to it!
Let us find selflessness and become it!

Let us find tolerance and express it!
Let us find joy and thrill to it!
Let us find worth and value it!
Let us find Love and be it!
Let us find Real Self and live it!
Let us truly find the Divine and rest there!