Our Great Food

Tempeh with an asian  dressing
(tahini, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, honey, sesame oil)
Garden salad with eggs and a potato salad with “not bacon”
(vegetarian alternative to bacon).

Lasagne & salads in our outside dining room

Tofu Kababs

Les Dyer’s “crunchy munchy” salad.

Cashew & lentil patties with a yoghurt,
garlic & corrainder dressing
   Garden salad from organic produce from
the Heartland garden
  Crunchy munchie (one of Les’s designer salad’s)
  Spotty Dog (also one of Les’s salads)
Cucumber & mint & yoghurt salad
from the Heartland garden.

Fresh garden salad (snow peas, cos lettuce,
cucumber  from the Heartland garden).

Red lentil patties with sweet chilli sauce

One of our cheese platters

Beautiful healthy & fresh organic, life-filled raw salad! Yummmmm

Fried eggplant, bean salad, dips & nibbles,
potato & egg salad, greek salad.

Les being creative with a watermelon!

At Heartland we create delicious gluten-free meals. We also offer dairy-free alternatives to our normal fine vegetarian/dairy cuisine – so everyone can enjoy fine food the way they like it!

We use only extra virgin olive and organic coconut oils in our salads and cooking.

For your drinking pleasure we offer a wide selection of over 45 herbal and specialty teas and coffees – morning and afternoon tea need never be the same as it was previously!



Health diets often mean raw carrot and celery sticks – but not at Heartland!

We believe that our health-packed meals must have five attributes:

1. The food must taste great!

That’s why we go to so much trouble with our sauces, dips and creative cuisine.

We’ve created over fifty different salads (rotated
throughout the year) with an accent on alternating flavours, colours, tastes and ingredients.

Most guests want to take home our
recipes – that’s how good they are!


2. Meals must be f-r-e-s-s-h-!!

Fresh food is alive with energy and this is the only way to ensure truly health-giving meals.

We source, where possible, from local organic producers– so you can be sure that much of the fresh produce that goes into each delicious meal is packed with nature’s natural goodness!


3. Organic is best – naturally.

Countless studies have shown that organic foods contain many times the nutrients found in artificially-produced crops.

For example, a Rutgers University study showed that the calcium level in organically produced silverbeet averaged 1600mg per kg compared with 65mg per kg for ordinary supermarket produce.

For potassium in beans the difference was 1900mg per kg (organic) compared with
260mg per kg (supermarket).


4. Vegetarian cuisine = strength and vigour.

The strongest animals in the world are all vegetarians!

And the people who generally live the longest, full of vigour, invariably have diets low in empty carbs and high in good oils.

Naturally, we understand that most guests will return home to a meat dinner – but few miss it during their stay at Heartland!

For those interested in learning how to prepare countless deliciously fresh meals that will fully satisfy the nutrient needs of their family we’re happy to share our methods with you during your stay!


5. Love is the most important ingredient of all.

It’s not what we do in life – but how we do it – that matters most!

Each meal at Heartland is a work of love.

Every dish is carefully created to deliver nutrition, taste, joy and fulfilment both to your palate and your body.

You can be assured we use only the highest quality ingredients – love included!



Raw Food

Mango & Avocado Delight

“You can make something simple but you can always make it look nice”
so even the trusty fruit salad can look yummy & artistic!