Heartland Spiritual Ashram
Heartland Spiritual Ashram
Heartland Spiritual Ashram
Heartland Spiritual Ashram
Heartland Spiritual Ashram
Heartland Spiritual Ashram


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Heartland Retreat closes.

Heartland Spiritual Ashram opens.

We are delighted to announce the Opening of


We offer long-term retreats during 2019 to those who are seeking deep peace, conscious connection with Spirit and Nature – and escape from  the insanity of hectic modern city life.

ESCAPE THE RAT RACE for two weeks – or twelve!!!

Enjoy the wondrous ambience of the truly special energy which is Heartland.

Young or old, male or female, working or retired, spiritual, religious or atheist – all are most welcome and will be equally honoured  and respected at Heartland.

We offer Residentials for as little as $200 a week.

And you can stay for any 2 weeks or more (up to 12 weeks).

(Just $250 a week if staying 1-3 weeks; Only $200 a week for longer stays).

This offer includes:

  • Your own air-conditioned room
  • Free access to all of Heartland’s facilities (like the air-conditioned library, air-conditioned Temple, huge pool, beautiful gardens, lovely walks, etc)
  • Enjoy regular talks by Les Dyer on spiritual and self-realisation topics (Les has been a Spiritual Teacher for almost 40 years).
  • Benefit from weekly guided meditations and spiritual exercises.
  • The chance to have all your questions answered
  • The opportunity to enjoy silence, nature, peace and other like minded seekers
  • Free wi-fi
  • Weekly community gathering

We are offering Trial Retreats  5th December – 8th January

This can be an ideal ‘getaway’ – a relaxing week or two – over the Festive Period for those seeking peace from the madness of the world…….

Participants will be expected to:

  • Practice Mindfulness
  • Be responsible for their own meals (use of the communal kitchen included, of course)
  • Be responsible for their own bedroom/bathroom linen (commercially laundered linen, towels, etc, available for just $10 a week more).
  • Put aside a few hours each week to help with ashram cleaning, gardening, organic
  • vegie growing, horse & donkey help, etc…..this is simply to help
  • you feel part of the community….(we’re not asking for cheap labour!!)..
  • Maintain peace, quiet & harmony for the benefit of themselves & all other attendees
  • Take time regularly to open themselves to Spirit’s teachings and healing.
  • Meditate daily (at a time appropriate to yourself)

Participants will be able to ‘come and go’ during this Residential, according to their own needs.

So you could hold down a job – or go sightseeing – and still be part of the ashram.

If you seek refuge from the worlds madness, tranquillity instead of chaos, peace instead of mayhem then special time at Heartland Spiritual Ashram – for as little as $200 per week – may be for you.

If this program interests you, please contact us for more details.


Les & Trudi


Enjoy our large Salt-water Pool!


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