Helping you connect to the Creator Within

Welcome to Artland!

A place where you can relax and enjoy the unfolding creative nature within you!

A place of non-judgement, of peace, of harmony, of developing your own understandings, of taking the time to connect to your heart and soul, of inner work and unfoldment, a place of play and expression!

A gift of $10,000 from Ovidne (see ) has enabled Artland to begin its journey of becoming a place where we can heal through our art & express through our hearts. Ovidne chose the name for “Artland” which means the feminine aspect of Heartland – take out the masculine “He” !

This doesn’t mean that men are not welcome of course!! We all have the masculine & feminine parts in ourselves – what we need to do is to find balance and harmony within these parts. This is what Artland is about.

I have completed a 2 year “Initiatic Art Therapy” course with Cornelia Elbrecht (see which has enabled me to grow both as an artist and as a person. I would recommend the journey to anyone!!

My joy is to offer guests the space and the time to journey within the path of healing through art, expression and movement.

Each week I am helping our guests to explore the possibility that they are creative!
Most people believe they haven’t got an artistic bone in their body.
They learnt to “shut down” their creativity when they were young,
and very few believe they can actually get it back.

Trudi teaching an “anyone-can-paint” art class

I learnt about “step-by-step” painting through a gifted artist in Gympie. Kim Leanne taught me that it was easy to learn to paint! All we need is someone to show us how! She inspired me to teach others the simple step-by-step instructions that I now teach.

Kim Leanne has a current dvd out , so if you’d like to support her work you can purchase a dvd from or if you’d like a painting of your favourite pet or of something else, Kim is happy to paint by commission too.

Through guided meditation, movement & music, you can once again unlock the keys to creativity.

Remember when you were a child how easily expression came to you?

Then you “grew up” & learnt to bottle up your emotions & store blocks of negativity, hurt & pain within your body.

I will show you through music & movement that you can unblock the energy & express it through your art creations.

It’s safe. It’s healing. It’s you.

You are a unique being – and you may celebrate your uniqueness through your art.


Each week we see the unfoldment of guests’ creative natures as they take part in group art (like a group mandala) or they try their hand at sculpting hebel block (by making a peace pole) or exploring some painting. Sometimes we will teach a group how to create a painting but we love to see guests simply open themselves up to some inner healing by exploring themselves through their art.

“Mandalas are used to focus the mind while meditating.
This painting is the first created by Helen, a recent guest at Heartland Retreat.
At Artland, guests are encouraged to connect with their inner creator.
This has been done so beautifully by Helen. Well done! “

We can learn so much about ourselves by simply allowing the creativity to flow through us – and our inner wisdom can speak to us through our art. Most of us have a lot of fear surrounding art – its like we put ourselves “out there” to be judged. I try to encourage non-judgement of our art pieces because its not about the end result – its all about the journey.

How do we feel when we pick up a paintbrush? How do we feel when we are trying something new? How do we feel about doing something when our negative self chatter tells us we are “no good at it”? How can we ever learn to quieten the negative-critical-self?

We can try by staying open with ourselves. By allowing ourselves to open our hearts and surrender our need to control everything! By allowing the negative talk to simply come & go… like the clouds moving across the sky. Let go & let God! (and lets have fun while we are doing that!)

The Peace Angel

I am always learning myself, getting new ideas, new inspirations and learning new ways  of
unfolding our inner creator. I hope that you too are open to learning through art.
Blessings,  Trudi 

This picture is a new journey of discovery and stress-free art!
Its such good fun and anyone can do it.
Its called Soul Collage and this is one card in Trudi Dyer’s series of “Soul Cards”.

Many of the art pieces shown on this page were created by Trudi Dyer.
Her superb art continues to be for sale at our retreat.


Enjoy a Health Retreat that’s also a Self-Empowerment Retreat and a Spiritual Healing Retreat.

You’ll benefit from the advantages of three retreats in one!

It’s the Health Retreat with significant added benefits.

“My mentor Janna Pameijer (email; inspires me to ever create sculptures that stretch my creativity. She is a skilled teacher & a generous soul. She lives in beautiful Maleny (Sunshine coast hinterland) and holds regular workshops. She teaches complete novices (so don’t be afraid!) and artists of all capabilities. Here is a picture of Janna & I and my latest (as yet still unfinished) Buddha. The Buddha for me, represents compassion and reminds me to be still and peaceful.”